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The EVOLVE software suite by OGP enhances manufacturing workflows by streamlining design, production, and inspection processes. This allows manufacturers to accelerate product development, enhance quality, and cut costs by boosting efficiency.

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Optical Gauging Products (OGP)

E series: SmartScope E-Series Systems set the standard for 3-axis video measurement performance. The fixed lens IntelliCentric™ optical system and digital zoom combine to provide a high-resolution image engineered for video edge detection metrology. SmartRing™ light is standard for the ultimate flexibility in surface illumination, along with an all-LED backlight and coaxial surface light. Optional TP-20 and TP-200 touch probes make SmartScope E-Series systems fast, accurate, and flexible multisensor metrology systems.

  • E7
  • E45
OGP Snap

SNAP Large FOV Video Measuring Systems

SNAP™ measurement systems make complex measurements easy and accurate – it’s as simple as placing a part on the stage and pressing go.

  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 350

Contour Projectors®

Optical comparators are a mainstay of shop-floor measurement. Their tough construction and big viewing screen make measurements fast and easy. Traditional video measurement systems offer high magnification and the speed of automatic measurement. Benchtop and floor model optical comparators from OGP offer the industry’s best value and performance for non-contact measurement.

  • Focus
  • QL-20
cvision product

c-vision™ Video Contour Projectors

Combine the speed and accuracy of a video measurement system with the rugged capacity of an optical comparator to create the world’s best shopfloor measuring tools for 2D measurement. Video measurement systems offer high magnification and the speed of automatic measurement using a high-resolution digital image. With a 60% greater magnification range than a standard comparator, users can accurately measure features up to 4 inches without moving the worktable while still measuring fine details on parts. c-vision benchtop and floor models are built for large, heavy parts with a load capacity of up to 300 lbs.

  • Lite
  • Benchtop
  • Floor model

ShapeGrabber 3D Scanners

Automated 3D scanners are ideal for measuring complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage, and ease of use are important.

  • AI320
  • AI620
  • AI820

TurnCheck™ Systems

Precision optical instruments that measure shafts and other cylindrical parts. Each member of the TurnCheck family is built for ease of use and consistent accuracy, even in difficult shop-floor conditions. With advanced optics, rugged materials, and intelligent controls to make setup and measurements fast, accurate, and easy.

OGP Summit Product

Advanced Production Systems

For critical dimensional measurement, OGP offers optical metrology systems tailored for wafer, photomask, slider, MEMS, semiconductor package, HDD suspension, probe card, and micro-component process measurements.

  • Benchmark
  • Summit
  • Pinnacle

LK Metrology (various sizes available)

ALTO – LK Metrology: Optimized for the new challenges of dimensional quality control, where parts are becoming smaller, designs are more complex, and design limits are narrowing. ALTO is ideal for quality professionals taking their first steps in building up an automated inspection capability with easy-to-use software and versatile options.

ALTERA C – LK Metrology: LK Metrology‘s latest offer is the ALTERA C range of ceramic-bridge CMM. Using the latest metrology software, multi-sensor technology, and design, ALTERA C offers high-accuracy measurement and efficient throughput for measurement tasks in quality laboratories and shopfloor environments.

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