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Metrology Equipment Sales & Service

Representing the finest brands in 3D metrology solutions.

The right equipment and deep understanding of systems = success

Measurement systems in quality control and quality assurance departments are mission critical. Using the right equipment, including software, and calibration for your parts/components, is the key to success.

Cpk Metrology helps integrate inspection into quality control for your overall business strategy and processes to enable high-quality product production, ultimately contributing to your business success.

Metrology Equipment Sales

We represent the top brands in metrology equipment. We can conduct a needs assessment with your business and recommend the best product. We will order and schedule delivery once you know what will work best for you.

Installation & Set Up

We will work with you on the delivery date and the set-up requirements. Once the equipment is delivered, we will set up and calibrate your new equipment. We then train your team members how to use the machine for production.

Annual Recalibration & Maintenance

Once the product is working effectively, we schedule an annual re-calibration and maintenance meeting. Of course, anytime help is needed, we are available for support calls.

Certified & Accredited

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